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Website Design and Digital Marketing Company in Dehradun

Website Design and Digital Marketing Company in Dehradun

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At Tech Antariksh, we open the space and extend the digital medium without boundaries to market your “Business” and “You” as an “Individual” that makes your “Customer” and “Employer” feel smart. We strategize an integrative, qualitative, and innovative approach to grow your Work-Life by both Organically (SEO) and Inorganically (SEM). We personalize and manage an Effective and Consumer Interest Driven Content that drives your valuable profession ahead.


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Our Mission

Making the effective Digital Platform and creating an individual experience for every customer to enhance their relationship with our digital marketing and content writing services across the world. Our “Motto” is “Go with the Flow”.

Our Vision

Be & Be Accomplished as the World’s Best Performing Team to make the World’s Best Digital and Content Work for our World’s Best Customers to give them the World’s Best Professional Service Experience for achieving the J-Curve in every aspect of life.

Our Philosophy

Learning, Growth, Humble, and Gratitude. We’re building a learning organization, so to make us more purposeful, results-oriented, multifaceted, and always be in an active process. We strive for happiness by giving gratitude to our Almighty, Dear Parents, Family, Friends, and Every Being who help us to achieve our beautiful destiny. Thank You All.

Skills & Expertise

Team of professionals with years of experience

design & development
digital marketing
social marketing
copy writing
Web Design and Digital Marketing

Our Story

How It All Begin!

We’re Website Design and Digital Marketing Company in Dehradun. Founded by 3W’s remotely during our Mother Earth’s journey on its Healing. Our service promise is simple: to power your online presence with our compelling digital marketing solutions and content writing to valuable businesses and individuals.

Who we are?

A small team of very talented people with digital marketing and content writing roots as far back as more than a Decade. Individually pure and collectively powerful! Web Designing and Digital Marketing Company

What we do?

Based in India with Customer Service Excellence across the globe to power your valuable, extremely beautiful, and easy professional journey.

Why we do it?

We love to “Learn”, “Work”, and “Earn a Success and Money” by collaborating with your thoughts and creating our words to become more productive in our Job that puts perfection in the Work.

Whats Our Values?

We define Values as “OSA” – Objectives, Strategies, Action Plans. Our culture of work includes “Responsibility”, “Awareness”, “Innovation”, “Integrity”, “Humbleness”, “Loyal to Customers” “Team Work”, “Perseverance”, and “Gratitude”.


Some good words about us from our happy clients

Web Designing and Digital Marketing - 4

It has been a pleasure working with them creating the strategy for my company and even some more things. Can say about these guys only good words.

Mr. Puneet Sharma



Web Designing and Digital Marketing - 3

Very experienced people in the art of communication. Their work in web designing, content writing and eCommerce development is very effective and interesting.

Pradeep Kuniyal



Web Designing and Digital Marketing - 2

Tech Antariksh is one of the best Website Design and Digital Marketing Company in Dehradun. They provide all one online marketing solution to your business.

Arjun Singh



Web Designing and Digital Marketing - 1

Commitment level is very high, even they work for me beyond working hours. Team now understand correct requirements. Thank you for such great job!

Abhishek Thakur


Gangaajal Soaps