Creating video resumes instead of a written resume is not as uncommon as it used to be. Be it Marketers, Doctors, Lawyers, Software Engineers, Babysitters, Makeup Artists, Fresh Graduates, etc. Many people in pursuit of their dream job are doing their best to stand out from the crowd by using Video Resumes. Do not believe us?

Video Resume

Well, just remember the last time you searched for a job in the newspaper? Surely, you will have difficulty in finding out that ‘last time’. This signifies an inclination towards digitisation and the question that arises is- ‘ what’s next’. People apply for jobs online, upload resumes on online portals, but is it enough?

Is the recruitment procedure in synchronisation with the modern time, when we are talking about digital marketing, technology, the internet, and the robotics?

However, If you think about it deeply you will accomplish flaws, a lot of them. For example, still, the hiring starts by interacting with a paper- i.e. resume.

Now, you must be thinking, that, what all are the next steps a recruiter must take? If you ask us we will say he should move towards a video resume.

What are video resumes?

At the very outset, the importance of a professional resume to make you visible to the recruiters is more or less known to all these days. When we talk of video resumes, it’s worth mentioning that they are short videos; videos that showcase your skills in a visually appealing manner to the recruiters. Your video resume can well be defined as an attractive presentation of your career to the hiring manager.

How does a video resume work?

A video resume allows you to talk directly to your potential employer and thereby facilitates your unique propositions to be presented in a better way. Your application is, therefore, more personalised and it serves as an “elevator pitch” for you. A benefit of a video resume is that it permits a potential employee to demonstrate his communication, interpersonal, creative, or technical skills to a potential employer in a way that a text-only resume cannot.

Video Resume vs. Text resume

A video resume can be said to be the future of text resumes as they have an edge over traditional resumes. Well, there are many advantages a video resume can give you over a traditional resume. As a start, they give potential employers a chance to see you virtually which is simply not possible in a traditional resume. Perhaps, It is also a good chance to show off your soft skills, something else you cannot do in written form.

While the text resume says a lot about the applicant, it has limitations in terms of creativity. As we all know that the first impression is mostly the last impression, the video resume allows the recruiter to get that first impression of you which is more often than not the lasting impression.

From the point of view of recruiters, video resumes can be called as a curtain-raiser for the actual interview. It increases the chance of recruitment of the “best fit” candidate and also reduces the probability of faking.

How are video resumes made?

Video resumes as the name suggests are short videos created by a candidate for employment and uploaded to the internet (or emailed to a hiring manager) for prospective employers’ perusal.  The inception of a video resume starts with writing a script that is relevant to the target position being applied for. The video should be crisp, creative, and engaging. The prime factor being that the video should be professional and it would be better to collect feedback on the same.

1. The Script of a Video Resume

The most important step in creating a video resume is writing the script. In the script, your unique selling propositions are highlighted along with your positives. It tells first about your education and the type of role you are targeting. Some keywords are added to your soft skills and personality. After that, talk about your current position and what you do.  This is a great part to include some of your favourite professional experiences and professional successes.  Close it by leaving your audience with easy ways to contact you.

2. Background Selection

For a video resume to be effective, space needs to be set up with a neutral background and effective lighting where you could sit and directly speak to the camera. Props could be included that seem to merge with the environment and set more focus on you. If you are including action shots, be sure space is populated by necessary props and equipment.

3. Recording Device Choice

A clear high definition video and excellent audio is a must for an effective video resume. So the recording device chosen should be that which can capture high-quality images and audio to ensure your face and other images, as well as your speech, are clear. Additionally, the recording device should be high enough to capture face and shoulders and far away enough that your whole profile is in the frame.

4. The Correct way to record

Keeping the script in mind, each segment of the video resume should be recorded several times using different vocal tones and different expressions. This facilitates the selection of the best takes and streamlines the editing process. If you are recording the action, you can record a longer segment of repeated actions without having to stop and restart. Well, this step allows you to select a single area of your action footage to include, and it may also make the action seem more natural rather than rehearsed.

5. Interesting Visuals

To make the video resume more interesting, some elements such as informational slides, infographics, photographs, or clippings might be included depending on the content of your video resume. These elements might make your video resume more winning than the other.

6. Video Editing

The story of the video resume should be interesting and capturing to the audience. After this, just review all of the footage you’ve captured, and select the best takes. Moreover, utilising your script or outline, you can begin cutting and assembling footage to fit the story you created. An editing software or an application that allows you to cut, organise, and save videos can be used to compile the video.

7. Feedback

Before a video resume is finalised feedback should be taken, such that it is constructive. The feedback should help improve the video further and create a stronger impression.

The Utility of Video Resumes

Video resumes offer the chance to expand and show the skills you have to offer, not just to recite what’s already on your resume. Ideally, it should be a 60 seconds video that gives you higher chances to get noticed by your future employer.

Whether you want to talk about how exactly you have enhanced sales or show off how you motivated and build a team. And, It helps you to directly addresses why you should be considered. Apart from identifying what skills and work you’ve accomplished, video resumes also reveal facets of your personality in life that a paper resume simply can’t communicate. Employers often use it as a pre-screening tool to evaluate your “fit” into their company, or if you’re aligned with their attitudes, values, and mission.

– Sujata Mukherjee