Why should your small business need a website? Why is it so important? We let you know.

Thinking about having your Business Website?

Although, Business Websites or an e-commerce store are easier and cheaper to build than ever. Still, most small businesses are largely “unseeable” online. In this Digital era, small business needs a website due to its tiny digital footprint.

Do you wanna get surprised by the recent Small Business Website Statistics? The majority of surveys finds that almost 55-60% of local businesses are well organised but have no Online Presence. They neither have a business website nor they have any social media interaction.

At today’s time, if you don’t have a website, then you are not losing a little bit rather too much. It directly impacts the sales of your product or services.

Because nowadays, most of your daily work has become digital. Such as Food Ordering, Online Shopping, Mobile Recharge, Hotel Booking, OLA Cabs, Making Friends, and much more.

Small Business Needs a Website

We can have almost everything on the internet. So, having an online presence is almost a must, if you want to get anywhere. Perhaps, Social media has become so noisy these days.

It is becoming increasingly hotter to actually make an impact and stand out online.

So, how do we get better brand awareness? How do we make an even better impact on 2.2 Billion+ Facebook Users?

How Do You Stand Out Online? Easy, Just Create your Business Website!

Moreover, your website is not just a place to grow your business. It’s also a place to give value to your customers.

So, you can’t avoid having your business website. Even after, you ignore a website, then you will directly lose yourself.

Still unsure if your small business needs a website.  Then, keep reading this entire blog until the end.

You never know how far some words can take your business.

Why a website is necessary for your small business?

1. Provide Online Presence:

A website provides your business with an online presence on the Internet. You can showcase your services and goods through your website. It increases your product’s visibility to the customers online.

3. More Sales:

Nowadays, we all take product information online, before buying it. Through that information, we make our buying decision. And from the website on which we get good information, we do shopping. Even, if we are buying a product offline, we always first check it online.

93% of online experiences and purchase decisions start with a search engine. So, If you don’t have a website, you will be able to sell only 7% of customers. And you are missing a huge marketplace. That could become your potential customer.

4. Infuse Professionalism:

Today’s customer segment checks your professionalism. They check, how stable your business is? What all are your products? How active are you on social media? If the customer searches your website and doesn’t find it. It will show a bad impact on your business.

And, if the customer finds your website, he will bring his inquiry today or tomorrow. As your online presence will now set in his subconscious mind. So, having professionalism is very important in today’s time. It,s not about your sales, but you may lose a good opportunity.

5. Ease of access:

Now, the customer is always concerned about good services and products. The customer should get answers to all his questions such as product features, company profile, etc.

Your business website will give all the information at the customer’s home, i.e. on mobile or laptop. By ease of access, the customer will show interest in your product. The customer will do product inquiry, whenever he needs it.

Today, people don’t have enough time to spend the entire day visiting your shop. So, for this, you have to bring changes in your business models. And, why not, everyone should grow. Your small business needs a Website to increase your Brand Promotion.

6. Ensure 24/7 Availability

Your website runs 24/7 without any observation and supervision. You can always be there for your potential customers. 24/7 availability to customers increases your business sales. It results in better ROI as well.

7. Best Source of Marketing and Instant Credibility

By having a website you can ease your marketing efforts. You can merchandise your products and services online. Your website offers instant credibility to your products. Your website provides the ultimate proof that you are on the internet.

Customer satisfaction has a great impact on business sales and marketing efforts.

Using the website, you can easily sell your products online.

8. Contact Details Sharing Facility and Self Service Customer Support

By having a contact us page on your website, you can provide all contact details and the customer can easily approach you by your physical and online contact details.

A professional website provides you with better customer support services. It can ease your communication with your customer. You can provide phone no., physical address, and email id on it.

On your website, you can implement customer service support easily. You can put a Contact Form on your business website. Besides, You can also give the option of ChatBox. In this way, the customer can ask any questions easily from you.

The biggest benefit is, you don’t have to hire an employee for this. And, this gives you a lot of savings. This one should be your favourite feature of your business website. The User will contact you and everything will come to you Inbox. And, that’s too in an automated way.

Truly, this is an amazing feature. Without any doubt, your small business needs a website.

9. Opportunities Abroad

You can do business worldwide very easily through your business website. For this, you have to do some legal formalities. And, after that, you can’t imagine how much your customer base will increase.

What you can’t think of the way, your product will grow. Perhaps, you can easily promote your brand.

So what are you waiting for? Opportunities are waiting for you.  Really, Your Small Business needs a Website.

10. Potential of Sharing

Now, this is what we called the real power of the internet. You can share your product links on different social media platforms.

If any link of your product has become viral, then it will get a high geographical reach. It directly impacts your product sales and profitability.

A study shows that 70% of Customers prefer to learn about a product or a service through blogs and content, rather than advertisements.

11. Low-cost investment and Long Lasting value

Now, let’s talk about how much investment is needed to make a business website. Here, you get a very big marketing tool in a very short investment.

Even, if you start a new business and rent a shop, it will cost you 10-15 Lakhs. After that, it will also have manpower and operations costs.

Surprisingly, you can start your business website in a very small amount. So, what all you have to do?

First, you have to take a Domain Name that will come in INR 500-1000. Then a Web Hosting, that will cost from INR 3000-5000.

Now, Ready to go! If you have some technical knowledge, you can create your website. Or else, you can also take Business Website Services. You can contact Best Business Website Service Providers. Otherwise, you can hire a professional Web Developer or Web Designer.

Competently, you can get your small business website somewhere between INR 10,000-25,000. And, when your small business needs a website, this amount is very very less.

If you can see, In such an amount, you take an Android Mobile Phone. And, this marketing tool (website) is going to give you a lot of benefits in the long term.

So, it would make sense to invest in it. After the creation of a website, you will get a huge benefit. Once your business website is live, it becomes a great medium for advertising. You can easily advertise your products and services.

12. Long-Lasting Value

Let’s compare it with a TV advertisement. Here, you have to invest from INR 25000 – 100000 in advertising. And, they get disappear in a few seconds.

If we talk about the newspaper, then you have to spend from INR 500 – 50,000 in Advertising. And that too ends in a single day.

But the website is going to give you long-lasting value. As long as you want, you will continue to show your business’s advertisements in less money. Now, you must be craving that yes, my small business needs a website.

By having a professional website for your small business, you will not only reachable to your target audience, but it will also provide a unique brand identity. A Website is one of the best and easiest ways of marketing your products and offering customer support to your potential clients.

Considering these website benefits one must have an online presence in the form of an appealing website. For this, you may get the assistance of business website service providers to build an attractive and user-friendly website. That’s all the reasons that your business needs a website.

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