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As a leading PPC Service Providers in Uttarakhand, We are expert in PPC Management Services.

Pay Per Click Setup & Management Services

Free conduct an audit of campaigns, niche and website

We provide clear reports of the results

Increase the number of emails and phone calls

Reduce the average cost of clicks and customers


100% guarantee for the payback of an advertising campaign

Guarantee CTR 7% at Google Adwords

Reduce the cost of the customer for at least 21%

In PPC Advertising is only one goad - to sell


Identifying and selecting the right keywords for your AdWords can be tricky, but it’s easy with our help.

Our firm’s experts detect the right phrases and incorporate them into your messages.

We also provide AdWord management, conversion tracking, PPC monitoring, ad submission, and cost management service to help ensure your message is received.

Ad testing, landing page creation, optimization work, and auditing services for existing AdWord campaigns are available as well.

Tech Antariksh is one of the Best PPC Service Providers in Uttarakhand. Increase leads, sales of your business.

What is Pay Per Click Advertisement?

Running advertising campaigns is usually associated with very large expenses reaching up to several hundred thousand Rupees. Unfortunately, such expenses are unrealistic for small one-person businesses, and there are plenty of them in our country. Fortunately, running an advertising campaign does not always have to be associated with such large expenses. Thanks to large advertising agencies that operate on the Internet and enable pay per click advertising, it is possible to advertise services and products for just a fraction of the normal price.

The mentioned payment method for advertising, i.e. pay per click, is nothing more than calculating advertising fees only when someone is interested in it and clicks on it, i.e. it goes to the company page of our website. This means that we do not have to pay for thousands of people who will only look at our advertising, but only for people who will be interested in advertising, i.e. our products and services and will visit our company website, which usually means that they will want to buy the product sold there or contact us to use our services.

All this makes it possible to run an advertising campaign that will cost us no more than several hundred Rupees per month, and this amount is already within the reach of all self-employed people. One of the most well-known companies that allow running this type of advertising campaign is Google Adwords. Of course, there are many others, also those operating only on Polish websites, but Google Adwords has the greatest effectiveness and is visible on most websites.

Our Process

Analyze your selling proposition and niche

Make a predictions of campaign performance

A/B Tests

Conversion Rate Optimization

Free Consultation

Let's discuss your project

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