Future of Content Writer – A good Content Writer adds value to a Reader’s Life with the ministry of effective content writing. Words become the Voice of a Content Writer if they are Masterpiece.

For some years now content writing has been the buzzword but it is not something very new. Information communication in written form has been in vogue for ages, the only change being the umbrella of writing platforms have undergone a sea change. A Content Writer is a person who develops unique and original content and puts it in a form understandable by others.

When it comes to writing, content development is the major trait in acquiring customers as they cannot judge a service unless they read about it either in print or online. In this fiercely competitive technological environment with latest updates each day, the one basic thing that didn’t change is the importance given to content in getting information and messages across.

Nowadays organisations are in a lookout for professional content writers to present their information in an effective way.

Way of working of Content Writers:

  • At the very onset content writers spend time in information gathering and researching on the topic they have been given. This takes up more time than writing the article.
  • Developing a content strategy before actual writing of content is sometimes also important. This entails conducting interviews and looking for content not available online.
  • With the advent of various online platforms content writers specialise across a specific one. A content writer could write for business blogs, communication, PR articles, product descriptions on websites, corporate etc. Videos and podcasts are popular forms of media now so content could be developed for them as well.

Quality Content Indicators
7 good qualities that a Content Writer should have:

  1. A content writer who is good will explain even the most complex concept in an eloquent and understandable style.
  2. Credibility of content is of prime importance. Entire information given by a content writer should be plagiarism free and correct factually.
  3. An interesting content is always welcome; the content should hold attention of the reader and be gripping as well.
  4. A customised content which is directed towards a target audience is always better than a generic one.
  5. A content popularity on social media is measured by shares, likes and comments on the post which shows how engaging it is.
  6. An in-depth knowledge of SEO and link building will ensure better ranking for the content written on search engines. Moreover, excellent skills in copy writing will also give better results for content marketing.
  7. Content writing is a part of content marketing as a whole. The more knowledge the content writer has about strategy, marketing, inbound sales funnel and social media the better it is.

Future of Content Writers:

Visual Content and Info-graphics
The future of content writing, paves for a landscape which is more of a visual stimulus rather than an all in all text article. Visual format is consumed more by the reader than a text format. Infographics have a three times more probability to be shared on the social media.

Therefore as the current and future trend goes major blogs are shifting to short videos or podcasts instead of text post. Presentation of the content will entail more of video production and story boarding in the near future.

Artificial Intelligence
AI will serve as a replacement of many job functions in near future. AI also has solutions for content writing. There is software that scans web articles for best keywords to come up with search optimised article. Many content writers are using such type of software to support their writing in research and SEO efforts.

In the post-COVID-19 scenario, the demand the good content writers have grown in leaps and bounds. Its difficult for any company to survive without an online presence. However, when it comes to online marketing – everything is based on CONTENT.

The future of content writing jobs is nothing below exemplary and the demand will escalate more and more with digital progress.

Content Writing as a Career Option

A good content writer generating content of high quality is needed by companies for Write Articles and Blog posts, Creating Social Media Posts, Write content for info-graphics, Create Email Campaigns and click-generating YouTube video titles, Video scripts, punchy banners texts, product guides, etc.
The salaries are great. So the future of content writing jobs is nothing but secure and great. A successful career as a content writer could be built with great scope and opportunities.

Scope of Content Writing

Content Writing just needs relevant skills to make it a viable career option. You can join the corporate world, become a freelance writer, copywriter, resume writer, web content writer as well as general and business/technical writer. However, knowledge of copy-writing, SEO, digital marketing, etc. is also necessary apart from solely content writing. A good experience and proper certification will give your content writing career is head start.

Primarily content writing is for those who have an innate ability to write for some and have a good grasp of words. In order to become a professional writer, it is best that you take up a course on content writing, which provides you with the assisting skills and excellence you need and also it adds weight to your resume. There are certain learning platforms that not only provide digital classes but also provide you with an accreditation that can land you a cushy job internationally.

Proper time management skills is essential for choosing content writing as a career, or you might end up working too long hours and giving up your life to establish yourself as a content writer. The salary also varies from company to company and also whether you’re a freelancer or a full-time content writer or both.

The terms of writing a piece of content are changing every day with market needs and trends. As long as one can write creative and unique content and express ideas vividly in words, they can sustain this career. Content writing career itself is very much engaging and allows writers to learn continuously across the journey.